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My Education Background Essay

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My education began in kindergarten in 1993. It wasn't easy for me, because school was the first place I ever got to interact with other people, mainly children. Before I started school, I was pretty much kept indoors, and not allowed to have contact with other people, except for members of my own family. This was all because I was a little girl. During the first 5 years of my life, I figured that was all I was entitled to, and even though I hated it, I lived with it. In first grade, I had to interact with other kids for the first time, which was not easy. I did eventually learn that I could make new friends with them, and soon settled down into school. The quality of education that first ...view middle of the document...

In other areas, I began to excel, often being on the honor roll, being one of the top students in the class. In fact, my teacher was very surprised at how I had started the school behind, and had caught up and excelled. It was nice to be appreciated, both at home and school because I did so well, and it really felt good to accomplish something. I stayed at that school all the way through 8th grade. I was involved in the music club, track team, baseball team, softball team, foot ball team, and educational competitions. I always made my parents proud from winning competitions. I had walked across the stage and graduated from there. So I was done with middle school, as a teenager, I was facing high school years soon enough. Freshman year of high school was pretty exciting. I joined the Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. This program really opened me up to being stronger physically and mentally. I was so excited to hurry through high school so I could one day enlist in the Army. By sophomore year, I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant for Army JROTC, which meant more responsibilities and leadership. I also found interest in politics and government , so I became a member of the Junior Statesmen of America...

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