My Educational Goals: Quest For My Career As A Teacher

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There were many times in my life that I have questioned whether or not the choices I made were for the best or just ended up hurting me. I found myself saying what if I chose to ask for money instead of just taking it, or maybe I should have talked to my parents before making that decision. Changing my mind about my future career was no different.
When I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher. The first time I changed my mind I wanted to be a singer. My dream of becoming famous was short-lived because my voice is horrible. I toyed with the idea of becoming a doctor after a conversation with my father criticizing me for wanting to be a teacher. He couldn’t accept the fact that I wanted to be a teacher and not a doctor, lawyer, or a nurse. After thinking long and hard I decided that I didn’t care what he thought, and I was going to be whatever I want to be. I also thought about being a nurse when someone came up to my parents and said he thought I would make a good nurse because I kept calm and composed. In the end I decided what I really want to do is be a teacher, because that is the one thing that I know for a fact that will make me happy.
I have overcome many obstacles to get where I am and the experiences have molded me into the person that I am. Everything that has happened made me an authentic person. You must be your own person, and make your own mistakes to learn anything from life. You have to fight for what you want. I want to be a teacher so I must fight for it. In the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, Chris Gardner is struggling to build a life for himself and his son. Chris’s determination finally pays off when he lands an unpaid internship in a brutally competitive stockbroker-training program, where only one in twenty interns will make the cut. But without a salary, Chris and his son are evicted from their apartment and are forced to sleep on the streets, in homeless shelters, and even behind the locked doors of a metro station bathroom. With self-confidence and the love and trust of his son Chris Gardner, rises above his obstacles to become a Wall Street legend (Black et al. 2006).
I believe I have the skills I need to prepare me for the future. To be successful as a teacher you must have a positive outlook on everything. A teacher must be organized and know how you want the students to behave in the classroom and in the halls. Students do not all learn at the same time the same thing, and many students will try you with not bringing in homework, and with behavioral issues so patience is the key. You must love kids, and you must understand their desires. All a student wants to do is get out and play, but they are forced to sit in the class room and listen to you.
I also believe I have the knowledge I need to prepare me for the future. To be a teacher you must have some knowledge of children. You must have good communication to work with children, young people, families, and other people who take care of them because it...

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