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My Educational Philosophy, Including Behavioral Theories

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When looking at my teaching philosophy and how I want students to learn in my classroom it becomes very apparent that to achieve success I need to utilise effective behaviour management strategies and create a classroom community. If there is a climate of trust and respect within the classroom, students are more likely to uphold the class expectations and complete what they have been asked to do (Blance, 2003). To create a classroom where students trust and respect each other I will look at how Glasser’s Choice Theory (1998) and total behaviour can be used to minimise behavioural disturbances and promote self management. I will also look at how behaviour and learning are connected and how building relationships cam help promote internal control.
I believe it is important that at the start of the new school year the teacher sets up a collegial classroom to maximise learning outcomes. In my classroom I want children to engage with the lessons, I want them to feel happy and therefore, want to be in my class. I want students to see the learning as relevant and have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their work so they can extend themselves further. I want to teach students to take responsibility for their behaviour and teach them to use self-control, and self management skills through being a lead manager (Blance, 2010). I believe it is important to have a major focus on social learning outcomes and give students the opportunity to gain skills to get along together. Ways I will try and attain these goals are extended upon in the following paragraphs.
Choice Theory
One behavioural theory which I believe is beneficial in the classroom is Glasser’s Choice Theory and our five basic needs (1998). This psychological model explains how and why humans behave in the aim to meet one or more of our five basic needs (Erwin, 2004). When looking at Glasser’s (1998) Choice Theory it states that all behaviour is purposeful and that when we display certain behaviour we are doing our best to meet our basic human needs. Therefore as a teacher I believe it is important to have a solid grasp on the concept and teach students about their own basic needs and ways these can be met in the classroom.
Because I believe the five basic needs are important in the classroom I will aim to teach students about the characteristics of each one and how they can affect us individually. Through planning activities and lessons that cater for all the basic needs, I can hope to reduce behaviour problems and help my students to actively engage within the classroom. Through also teaching students about the basic needs and how they affect them individually, students can learn about their own behaviours and acknowledge that they are in control of their own actions (Blance, 2010). This is turn will help students understand why they may behave in a certain way in a specific situation. When teaching about the basic needs I will look to teach students responsible strategies to use if...

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