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My Encounter With Vodacom And Telkom Business Customer Service Representatives

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It is evident that the poor service received in the Vodacom service encounter was primarily due to the service employee.
Thus it is evident that the service received from that particular service employee was not suitable for a high-contact service. This is due to the fact that although the employee was well equipped with all the necessary tools and technological equipment needed in order to perform the task at hand, he was not prepared to put his own personal technological device aside in order to interact with the customer and provide a satisfactory service. Therefore the main cause for this poor service encounter was entirely related to the Human Resources (HR) and whether the company, Vodacom, had in fact hired the best person for the job. The service encounter was extremely high-contact in nature and prescribed the employee to transfer the data from the customer’s one device onto the customers’ new device, whilst the customer sat and watched the employee.
In the Vodacom service encounter, the actual core service was satisfactory, but the manner, time and effort with which it was completed with was highly unsatisfactory and this related primarily to the service employee.
Underlying Causes for Defy Service Encounter
With regards to the unsatisfactory service received in the Defy service encounter, it is evident that this was caused by a poorly handled and updated database system, along with a slack response to call rate.
In the Defy service encounter it was not the core service which was deemed unsatisfactory due to the fact that that the service to the Defy appliance has yet to occur. The underlying cause for the poor service encounter was primarily related to the lack of supplementary service elements which should have been evident in the service encounter. These supplementary service elements include the fact that the particular service response was delayed and the benefits which should have been evident in the service organisation-customer relationship. The missing supplementary service elements are the lack of facilitating services and include information and order-taking services. This is due to the fact that it was a long standing one and was lacking sufficient insight to the backstage facilities. This includes the fact that all the customers’ personal information and previous purchase information had been lost in the service organisations move from one database system to another.
Thus the Defy service encounter deals primarily with the pre-purchase stage of the service consumption model. This particular service encounter needs supplementary service elements in order to occur, because there were not sufficient supplementary service elements in place in order to facilitate the service, the core product was unable to take place.
Underlying Causes for Aldo Service Encounter
When assessing what the underlying cause for the excellent service received during the Aldo service encounter, it is evident that it was due to the service...

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