My Life Could Pass For An Episode Of Sex In The City

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I've watched too many episodes of Sex in the City that somehow my life right now could pass on for an episode of that famous T.V show that all of us went crazy about in the 90's. I hate to admit this but....of all the femme fatales ,in that show that I have the likings to was the single mid 30's heroine, the infamous Sex Columnist of the New York Times who has this fixation for Mahnolo's and Choo's and the "must have accessory every single woman must have" ...BIG!!! (the persona that never seem to leave Carrie Bradshaw's psyche the moment the story-line was conceived by the talented Candace Bushnell).Honestly, I'm not really that crazy about Sex in the City but unfortunately its the only thing I could relate with life right now as if the writer wrote the story for me even before the events happened in my life. If we were to name this episode of that T.V show it would be?." Doug ja Boo? (de ja vu). The plot may not be exactly like Ms.Bradhaws' but here's a artist working in the accounting department , single -woman in her double 3? and like heroine Carrie ,also have 25+ pair of shoes....and the shadow of " Mr. Big " lurking in the picture. Flash back seven months ago...December of 2006 few days before Christmas...I thought he was a Christmas present from God or as astrologers in ancient times would stars were lining up that day...It was a dark , chilly winter morning I was crossing 5th Street like I used to do every morning ...a common looking man asked me out for coffee..."My Big" isn't anything like drop-dead-gorgeous-hunk of man, but you can say that he stood tall and have that crazy blue eyes that were always smiling...the eyes got me and I was hooked. At that moment in my life, I was half-way going through a phase deciding to have year Sabbatical from any romantic relationship. A nutty challenge I have put on myself after the previous relationship that ended earlier that year and getting rid of the emotional baggage that came with it. The ultimate goal was to be faithful and diligent to the challenge and kept dating cool and casual....until "My Big "came along. He hang around and became a buddy. ?My Big" actually lives a very complicated life. Divorced, two teenage kids, an ex-wife glued to the hip ,a middle-aged man with a high corporate profile , relatively anal ,brushed elbows with "power,money driven -superficial aliens - 'pill- popping' and 'shrinks as life-line in order for them to survive in this world " kind-a-people? sum it all up he is someone whom we dub as an anxious person. Sarcasm aside, I?m not labeling? My Big" in a derogatory kind of way but just painting a clear picture of the man I love. Justifying who he is and how he morphed into this wonderful and yet complicated being using ?The Socratic Law of Causality" or simply "The Law of Cause and Effect?. In layman's terms he is actually a normal person in an abnormal situation trying to thrive, multi-tasking and fitting everyone, everything and...

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