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What is a true hero? Do we really understand what it means to be a hero? Is it common to think of a hero as being glorified, or being a superstar? We may think of a hero as someone who saves cats from burning buildings or as being a famous actor, but what really defines a hero. A hero can be defined by having a heroic personality, someone that selflessly give themselves up to help others or stands up for what is right. During the Holocaust almost six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. That number could have been even higher if it weren’t for the brave heroes that stood up for what was right. There are great examples of heroes all around us. Weather they are the members of the White Rose, Righteous Gentiles or the people of our time that take a stand for what they believe in.
One of the best examples of a group of heroes is the White Rose. The founding members of the White Rose Hans and Sophie Scholl and all of their members are true heroes. The White Rose worked hard to expose the horrible actions of the Nazi Party by distributing literature on their college campus . They are true heroes because they did this knowing that if they were caught they would most likely be killed. To me anyone that can look into the face of danger and say “I’m not scared of you” has the qualities of a hero. The best thing about the White Rose is that they were not doing this for fame or money. They were doing this because they wanted to alert people of what the Germans were doing to innocent people.
Another great example of a true hero is Irena Sendler, one of the many brave people that risked their lives to save Jews from death. Irena risked her life daily by providing several thousand false documents to Jewish families, and working with the Polish Council to Aid Jews, also known as the Żegota resistance. Sendler was nominated Head of the Jewish...

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