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Long ago, people would start their work at the rise of vivid shining sun and end their hard work at the set of the exhausting day, because there would be no light in the night to do any work or sleep quietly in bed. Growth of nation and human-beings in particular was restricted in such situation without electricity. Thanks to many scientific invention in the nineteenth and twentieth century and further development of this electrical science by the US scientist and investor: Mr. Thomas Edison, light/heat bulb was finally invented, lighting the world and enlightening the human life on the earth. Today Electricity has become an essential part of our lives, without Electricity there cannot be existence of the human race on the earth.
Importance of Electricity
We mainly need Electricity for our daily chores like microwaves which heats our delicious food, lights to shine up the dark, fans and air conditioner to keep cool during the incandescent summer days, washers and dryers to wash our laundry and electronic chargers to keep our gadgets on track and running so that we enjoy the technology to its fullest. Some more essential uses of Electricity in our daily life are TVs, radio, music system and cinemas to entertain us, plus cars and trains for our daily transport etc. In fact, it will not be incorrect if we say: “whatever growth of human life evolved in twenty first century is mainly due to invention of Electricity”.
Without Electricity the world we have now, would be totally different. Cars would be carriages, building would have no ACs or electronics, there would be no light except the spherical, shimmering sun, plus we would all be sweating in the heat if we were living near the equator or we could be really frosty and freezing if we lived near the North/South Pole. Things such as computers, microwaves, fans, lights wouldn’t exist and some of us wouldn’t even be born due to the fact there would be no hospitals to be born in.

The main point is that, it is most important to have Electricity for humans and animals. Since many natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis or floods can decide to come in anytime, so we will need Electricity to help us track these natural disasters and defend ourselves in that situation. Electricity will also definitely help us repair and rebuild any destruction caused by any of these natural disasters.
Electricity has provided us with various comforts and luxury. We cannot even dream of living with the absence of Electricity today. A world without laptops, tablets, electronics, gadgets, electric fans, or even batteries will not be same, like it is today.
Thousands and thousands of newspapers, magazines and books are published daily. The printing of such a colossal number of books and gossip magazines is possible only due to the invention of electrical printing presses. Therefore, electric power has not only brought light to our homes but also to our brains.
History of Power Generation in...

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