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My Essay Is Called A Separate Peace It Is About Evolution And It Answers Different Question Such As: What Is Evolution? Or What Is The Cause Of Evolution? And So On. I Hope It Will Help You!!!

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A Separate Peace
One of the most revered and utterly enigmatic topics present within
humanity is the evolution of humankind itself. Collectively contrasting
both the origins of man physically and the very beginning of complex
thought processes has been an incredible task, which is currently
undetermined. The exact methods of the mind and of human character are
both delicate and completely beyond true understanding. The only ways
we as a race retain the ability to even attempt to comprehend such
processes is through experimentation and elaboration via written text
and visual arts. The process of human mental evolution, the evolution
of character, is well demonstrated within the novel A Separate Peace
authored by John Knowles. Knowles creates such an atmosphere as to
carry you as the reader into the minds of the characters. The
characters, in a like manner, attempt to delve into their own
understanding and determine the whole of an immense complexity of
emotions shared between themselves and the other characters. The use of
this type of perception is furthered by the narrator's transformation
from the very beginning to the very end, and the stories entire basis
upon a flashback. The story itself takes place years before the
narrator, named Gene, begins to speak of the incidents of which it is
composed. This maturation of the young Gene mentioned in the story and
the older adult Gene we meet at the very beginning allows us a sense of
how Gene as a character evolved. Everybody has their own methods and
their own "style" in a manner of speaking, of evolving both physically
and mentally. Once you as the reader understand a character's method of
evolution, it becomes much easier to understand that c! haracter's
thinking pattern and any actions he or she may take further into the
story. Before I dive headfirst into the presence of character, I want
to mention the incredible use of descriptive and artistic wording to
create a rather fantastic sense of setting. The ability of Knowles to
create an overwhelming sense of being and imagination allows for the
story itself to be played out in real time, visually within the
reader's mind. Collated with the immense diversity of readers'
imaginations, the story and the characters themselves always appear in
the reader's own isolated vision of what is being represented on the
page. A very unique and rather brilliant aspect of novels that is
thoroughly and well presented in A Separate Peace. At the very start
of the story, as aforementioned, Gene as an adult is revisiting the
Devon School for boys, where he spent most of his childhood growing up.
The revision of his surroundings overwhelms Gene and he begins to
envision the incidents of the past, a time when he was in attendance at
the school and his experiences with the remaining characters. There is
no real main character in my view however, though the post is quite
clearly shared between Gene and Phineas. Phineas, nicknamed Finny, was
the so-called "jock" at...

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