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My Experience As A Little Kid Building A Igloo During A Heavy Winter Snowfall

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The heavy snow the night before had covered the neighborhood in a thick layer of snow and glazed ice. The extreme cold followed by rain prevented anyone from going outside for long periods of time. At night the wind howled and made the windows rattle, like a banshee. The ice was not suitable to make snowmen or snowballs. It would have been a boring winter if my dad had not come up with the idea to make an igloo.
I thought this would be cool, since I had only seen igloos on TV. We put on our coats and boots and ran outside. First thing that I noticed when I went outside was my face was freezing. I could also see my breath freeze in midair. This didn't stop me from building and igloo though. I also noticed how quiet it was. No one was outside and I only heard a bird chirp once in a while. The only other noise was the cars passing by every once in a while on Berry Rd. The first thing we did was decide where the igloo would go. Since most of our front yard is a hill, we put it in our neighbor's front yard next to the driveway. To thank them for lending us part of their yard, we cleared the snow and ice from their driveway and used them to make ice blocks. We used a shovel to cut out the blocks of ice. We used those for our igloo construction. First, we started making a ring of large blocks with a two foot opening on one side. While my dad cut ice blocks, my brother and I stacked them on top of one another. The blocks were not all square because they sometimes cracked in half when they were cut out of the snow. The day progressed and we continued to work, my nose was constantly running and began freezing on my face. As the walls grew higher and higher, we began to curve them in. This process took many hours a day and it was hard work in the cold. As the walls reached a center point we began making the entrance tunnel. Since we had not planned ahead, the hole left for the entrance was facing the hill. Not wanting to redo the...

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