My Experience At The Association For Abandoned Animals

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I have recently had the opportunity to carry out a project at the Association for Abandoned Animals and Happy Paws, both located at Marsa. This project included frequent visits to two associations which are both associated with the care and upbringing of abandoned dogs. The aim for my visits was to learn in detail about the daily procedures of an animal shelter and an animal clinic. During my project, I also intended to acquire more knowledge about the day-to-day routine and life of the dogs that inhabit this sanctuary and to learn the problems and difficulties that are encountered with animals which have been neglected and left in the streets. Finally, I found it of interest to know more about the microchip technology in detail as a measure done to limit the number of neglected pets.
The Association for Abandoned Animals currently hosts about 140 abandoned dogs. Many of these would have previously been ill-treated or neglected by their owners who might irresponsibly decide to leave them wandering alone in the streets because they can’t keep them anymore. AAA has a strict non-killing policy. No animal are put to sleep because it is sick (unless it is upon veterinary advice) or because there is not enough space for it. Each dog is given a veterinary check-up, no matter how much it costs. AAA stresses the importance of neutering, both to prevent illnesses and to considerably reduce the number of animals left alone in the dangerous streets and bad weather conditions.
Happy Paws Charity Organization is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which was founded in 2004 and strives to be a service to the local stray animal community. This organization provides free neutering services for caretakers who join its team such as those of AAA. Happy Paws promotes stray dog adoption scheme and various other programs. It is completely run by volunteers and the organization is financed by operating 3 charity shops, through sponsorships, donations and fund-raising events.
Information about microchips was received from both an AAA carer and a Happy Paws veterinary surgeon. Microchips are used as an approach to reduce the irresponsibility of certain pet owners who neglect their pets. If it is not for microchips, the problem of pet negligence would be even greater than it is at the present moment. A microchip can also help to reunite lost pets back to their owners. It carries a number, and this number is plugged into a database that includes the name and contact information of a pet's owner. It is close to impossible for a dog-napper to remove a microchip and therefore microchips eliminate such an action as well. Pet-owners tend to have concerns of infections and excessive bleeding when it comes to microchip implantation. However, if the microchip is implanted using professional techniques, such risks would be negligible.
A microchip capsule is roughly the size of a grain of rice. First, the glass material that encapsulates the device is biocompatible. That means it's...

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