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Ever since I was a little kid I loved to go fishing. It was a time for me and my father to bond. It was also a time to relax and clear my mind of everything else. I have been fishing since I was six years old, and every since the first time I threw in my line I loved it. I have gained much knowledge in the sport from my father, who is a lifetime fisherman also. I have developed into a good fisherman, and learned many things over my fishing career. One of the things I have learned was to bait my hook and to cast it. I also learned how to reel in the fish; I have learned this from experiencing it many times. I have also researched this sport, and learned many things from that research. I will try to explain how to bait a hook and reel in a fish while fishing for trout.

        In order to go fishing certain equipment is needed; this equipment consists of a fishing pole, a size twelve hook, and three different types of bait. There are three types of bait mainly used for trout, these are worms, minnow-fish, and the artificial bait called PowerBate by Berkley. Three different types of bait are needed because fish sometimes deny certain baits and the other baits could get them to bite. This makes the chances of catching a fish better than if only one type of bait was used. Before actually throwing the line of the fishing pole in the water there will have to be a hook on it. The hook can be applied by putting the fishing line through the hole of the hook and knotting it about six times, and cut off the excess line with scissors. Then the hook will need bait on it, if the choice of bait is PowerBait by Berkley then you will need to roll it in a ball about a quarter of an inch big and stick the hook into it so it is on tightly. If you are using a worm, you would have to put the hook threw the worm once and let the rest of the worm dangle off of the hook. If your choice of bait is a minnow-fish then you will have to put the hook through the gills on one side and then out of the gills on the other side.

        Now when the hook is baited then you are ready to cast your line into the water. First, you will grip the pole firmly with your dominant hand, and hold the line against the pole with your index finger. This will...

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