"My Experience Of '9/11'" 580 Words. Narrative Essay Writing From Recall.

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"Do not go outside! New York is on full terrorist alert. They hit the twin towers... only one standing, turn on T.V!"

That was two years ago, yet, I remember that phone call and my experience of '9/11' as if it was only yesterday. September 11th 2001, just the mention of that date causes me to shudder. I remember it clearly. It was about half past eight in the morning and I was well asleep on my dad's pull-out couch, with absolutely no intention of waking before eleven. Yes, I know that I'm very laid back - sue me!
It was this lazy nature that saved me. That morning, I was to do some last minute shopping in Manhattan before returning to Barbados the following day. However, I just did not feel able to move.
"Do NOT go outside!" These words interrupted my bliss as I picked up the phone receiver to hear my dad's voice - frantic, screaming "New York is on full terrorist alert. They hit the twin tow..." These words faded away as the sound of countless sirens wailed their sorrowful sound right outside. I asked my dad to explain.
This recollection jolts me right back into that moment. Wide awake now, rubbing my eyes, I was told of planes flying into towers, countless deaths and unspeakable chaos. "Turn on the T.V!" he yelled over the noise. That is when the disaster took on great magnitude. Every channel on T.V save two, were static. With sleep in my head, I stumbled my way outside only to see one of New York's greatest monuments felled and the other, smoking and looking to crumble at any moment.
Needless to say, I was horrified. This was indeed an intense and tragic moment, and the manner in which my...

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