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My Experiences In Adolescence Essay

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My physical development was not so difficult for me. I experienced the growth spurt when I was10 to 15-years old. I didn’t think it was difficult time for me because my range of growth spurt was not so large. Additionally, I did not belong to sports club, so I did not feel uncomfortable when I move my body. I think I am a late bloomer because I have never had boyfriend. But I think it is advantage for me because I am not a “boy-crazy”. I know some friends who are early bloomer and being “boy-crazy”, I do not want to be like them. I have my own interest and I have something what I want to do besides dating with boys. My physical developments have some effects on my character of today. I think it is because I was taller than others since very young, my friends often said to me “you are like my elder sister.” This phrase makes me think that I need to be like elder sister when I was child. It is related to more about psychological development, but this way of thinking came from my height. One of other physical development related issue that makes me struggle is my period. Every time I am in period, I have pain in stomach and back; I feel sleepy, hungry, and irritating; and I have skin problems. I think there are more people who have more heavy symptoms of period, however, sometimes I cannot endure these. My physical developments have some effects on me, but it was not so difficult for me to pass through.
During my adolescence, I experienced a lot of things. Of course I went through identity crisis; I didn’t know what should I do or what should I be. Moreover, sometimes when I was alone, I suddenly felt that what I am doing now is totally wrong. I often suffered from imaginary audience. I think imaginary audience is just stupid, but actually I am still struggle with it. When I was a junior-high school student, I had difficult relationships with my brass band teammates. Everyone in my brass band team didn’t like my behavior as a captain, and I was excluded. Then I felt that I am not needed in the world, and I thought that it is better to stay quiet and normal to prevent from to be spoken ill. Since then, I really worry about how others think about me. I want to wipe out this stupid idea, but it is deeply existed in myself. However, I thank to this experience even though it was painful memory because I am the person who is skeptical and deep-thinker. I think that to be skeptical and deep-thinker is better than being shallow-thinker. For me, cognitive development is important components to create myself.
My parents are totally democratic. When I was a child, I thought my father...

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