My Experiences With Minorities Vs. Non Minorities

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Throughout most of my school years, before attending MCTC, I had never
experienced inter-racial schooling. I went to a small high school with about twenty
minority students. These students were not outcasts they were treated as any other non-
minority student. Therefore, I had little experience with minorities in a non-minority
school. After the speech that was given by Michael Jefferson, I was more informed on the
effects of stereotyping of minority students in a non-minority school.

        Stereotyping may cause students and teachers to view minority students on a non-
minority campus as inferior. This may cause some teachers or faculty members to believe
that these minority students are not as capable of achieving the same quality of work as
non-minority students. Scholarships are sometimes given out to non0minority students
due to their racial background. I suppose this happens due to the stereotype of minority
students not being capable of the educational work as that of other students. Classroom
behavior toward minority students may be shown in appropriate, and/or unrecognized.
For instance, a teacher may call on a non-minority student before a minority student. The
teacher may pick on the non-minority due to a belief that these students care about their
schooling, whereas minority students are being pre-judged without the chance to really
learn. Some people even believe that combining the different minorities may cause

        Combining minority with non-minority students can create some conflict. Some
non-minority students, this attitude of aggression may be brought on by 'close-minded'
non-minority students. These students let their attitude take over their learning time, by
worrying about the other minority students. Each student, whether...

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