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My Professional Growth As An Education Major

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Throughout the numerous experiences I have had during my time at Benedictine University, I have learned different lessons and values that will prove important to my teaching career. The different courses, teachers, and schools that I had the opportunity to work with have helped me grow as an educator and provided me with the tools needed in order to be successful.
My first observation experience was eye-opening. Upon my arrival to Providence Catholic High School, I only had basic knowledge about what it took to be an effective teacher. After working with many different teachers at this high school, it became evident that every teacher adopted their own style of teaching. I also began to understand that in order to be a wonderful teacher; one must have the passion for the content he or she is teaching and the student’s well being. I was very fortunate to begin my educational journey at such a prestigious high school. The students were there to learn, and this was evident through their work and dedication to success.
Although I was thankful for my preclinical experience at this high school, I did not truly understand what it took to succeed in the teaching profession until I did my third observation at Naperville North High School. I had the opportunity to work with a fantastic teacher who incorporated many different teaching strategies into her classroom. Her positive attitude towards teaching and her relationship with the students was inspiring. I realized that a teacher must approach every day with an open mind, and provide a safe environment for the student in which they can learn and express their thoughts, opinions, and values. I was also given an inside look at how a high school operates. Prior to this experience, I had an idealistic view of the teaching world. I thought that a teacher was provided with all of the resources he or she needed in order to teach the material. I learned quickly that being an effective teacher is an art that takes time and devotion. Many times, teachers are not provided with the necessary materials in order to maintain the various learning styles in a classroom. It is up to the teacher to create an environment where students can succeed. This is a full time job, meaning that a teacher’s work is not done once they leave the school. A teacher must contribute a significant amount of time and effort in order to see positive results in the school and in his or her own classroom. After observing my cooperating teacher’s strategies and learning more about the profession, I knew that I was going in the right direction with my life. I took a significant amount of knowledge away from this experience and have continued to strive to be the type of educator that I was blessed to work with during this experience. .
During my second preclinical experience at Westview Hills Middle School, I learned the importance of cooperation and collaboration among teachers at a school. I was able to observe team and department meetings...

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