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My Family History Ferom 1900 Present

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Guyana is located on the main land of South America and gained independence on May 26th, 1966. Before Guyana became an independent country it was called British Guyana and was ruled by the British. In the 1700s the British brought Africans as slaves to Guyana where they were beaten and treated harshly to work on the plantations without being paid, this went on for some time until the African slaves had enough, one of the slave name cuffy fought for freedom in the 1800s, the Africans were then free from slavery and were allowed to have their own communities and the opportunity to grow and sell food. The British plantation then had a labor shortage since they were no more slaves, so they ...view middle of the document...

They worked twelve hours a day, whether it rained, or shined or whether they were sick. This was over bearing and one African name Burnam Blackman and one Indian name Cheddie Jagan join together as leader for both race and fought for independence, and got rid of the British and were no longer ruled by the British. In 1970 Guyana got its first president Author Chung.
My great grandfather Ramcharran Kunjal, born March 26, 1916, worked as a farmer and married my great grandmother punia Kunjal, born June 18, 1915. They got August 3, 1932 and had two hard working children, Bassil Kunjal, born July 18, 1937 and got married to Hemwanttie Matbadal, born March 10, 1939. They got married July 26, 1956 and had three children, Sunil Kunjal, born December 27, 1957 and got married to Sally Karu, Kavita Kunjal, born January 10, 1958, got married to Hemraj Suku and Radika Kunjal, born September 30, 1960. The other child of my great grandparents is my wonderful and loving grandmother Kawsilla Kunjal, born May 8, 1935, her mother died when she and her brother were very little, their father got re-married to Sally Rampal. Their step mother was a very evil woman and did not want them to be in the same house as her so my grandmother and her brother had to move in with their grandparents who took care of them until they were married. My grandfather Albert Balram born September 2, 1930, got married to my grandmother June 1, 1951. My grandmother did not see the person she was getting married too until the day of the wedding, as it was an arrange marriage, back in those days things were different in our culture, girls were not allowed to go out with a guy unless they were married and it was mostly arrange marriage. My grandparents had eight amazing children, the first Raja Balram, born January 10th, 1952, the second child Krishna Balram, born November 26, 1953 and got married too Jenny Singh, born April 3, 1955, the third Patrick Balram, born March 17, 1955 and married to Datsy Carter, born July 15, 1958, then had four children, Nick Balram, born October 22, 1980, Bachan Balram, born December 14, 1981, Troy Balram, born June 6, 1983 and Neela Balram, born February 3, 1985, the fourth child Mikey Balram, born February 13, 1959 married Kalawattie Birbal, born March 19, 1961 and had three beautiful children, Kavita Balram, born October 14, 1990, Amanda Balram, born February 3, 1992 and Miranda Balram, born June 28, 1995. The fifth child of my grandparents is Pardeep Balram, born September 9, 1957 married to Vidya Paltoo, born September 4, 1963 and had two children, Rajiv Balram, born December 7, 1996 and Divya Balram, born February 10, 1997. The sixth Barbara Balram, born August 27, 1962 married Donald Birbahdur, born September 18, 1958 and had five children, Amit Birbahadur, born November 5, 1981, Naresh Birbahadur, born August 31, 1982, Sandy Birbahadur, born April 20, 1984, Andy Birbahadur, born February 22, 1990 and shivanie Birbahadur, born September 17, 1996. The...

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