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My brother and I have spent half of our lives arguing with each other. We dispute over everything in the world. We quarrel so often that our parents complain home has been very quiet since we studied abroad. Sometimes I feel tired. Sometimes I think my brother is the most hateful person I ever met. Sometimes I wish he never existed. Nevertheless … sometimes, I realize that my life would be insipid without him. I never want to admit this and I know I would regret if my brother ever read these sentimental lines because he would laugh at my face. However, I must say I have learned many things from my brother. He may be perverse, obstinate and sometimes disrespectful, but he is always the one who has taught me to be a persevering person who never abandons her aims.
I lived in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest and the most active region in the country. Therefore, the traffic was always heavy, noisy and scary. Within the framework of the chaotic traffic, no one noticed that my brother and I had stood by the roadside for half an hour. Mom was busy, so she could not pick us up after school. Consequently, for the first time, we had to cross the road by ourselves. It seemed to be an impossible mission to us, a seven-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy, because the traffic at rush hour was even more frightening. However, we did not give up because my brother did not give up. “We can’t. We could get hit,” I kept warning, but my brother, being stubborn like always, paid no attention to my words and insisted: “Let’s try. We have never tried. How can you know we can’t? Other kids do it all the time. Be careful and we’ll be fine.” He held my hand tightly and looked straight at me. Though his hand was trembling and sweating, his eyes reflected great determination. Finally, I was convinced. Gradually we moved forwards. Giant buses or big vans might scare us; nonetheless, we never stopped trying. My brother and I might disagree about many things but we did have one point in common: we did not like to be quitters.
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