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My Famous Smothered Pork Chops Essay

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My family’s preferred dinner meals is smothered pork chops. From the aroma of the kitchen to the juicy, pork chops coming off of the stove. Oftentimes, my husband and I make dinner together to enjoy some quality time and conversation while making an enjoyable meal, but not with smoother pork chops. He loves to say he gets full off the scent, so he sits in another room, so he can eat as much as he wants once the food is complete. Smothered pork chops are a meal that I know once my family eats it is going to be lights out. No room for dessert! Cooking smothered pork chops brings the entire family together once I have finished cooking.
Therefore, the most important ingredient is the fresh pork chops, seasoned just right! This particular recipe might be common, but it is my own. Depending on my family’s appetite or if we are having company over for dinner, I typically use the one family size centered cut pork chops found in any grocery store. The family pack generally consists of about eight to ten center cut pork chops.
When I know I am cooking that meal for dinner, I always buy fresh meat. Once my husband makes it home, I collect all of the ingredients, and place them on the counter. I also make sure the sink area is completely cleaned. I make sure I have enough meat, season for the meat, vegetable oil, flour, fresh vegetables, measuring cups, large skillet, and a bowl to place the clean meat in once washed. Once the necessities are set, I begin cleaning the pork chops to make my famous smothered pork chops.
First I take the fresh pork chops out of the pack. I then go to the sink area and clean the meat. Once the meat is cleaned to my liking, I place them in a large mixing bowl, and sprinkle my season on the meat. I normally use Lawry season salt, McCormick pure ground pepper, McCormick garlic salt and powder, onion powder, and meat tenderizer. After I season the meat, I wash my hands completely. I turn on the stove, and heat a large skillet with a coat of vegetable oil.
While the skillet is warming up, I at that point start cutting my fresh vegetables: one onion, one...

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