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From the tyrant lands of thriving Communism to the cerulean sea of unknown uncertainty, my father entered a new country with a limited suitcase and a great supply of reckless anticipation. However, in attaining the innumerable opportunities offered in the bountiful lands of unquestionable freedom and promised liberty, the prospect of convenience subsided in order to accommodate the dire need to implement the survival skills essential to enduring the hindrances of a foreign place: learning a different language, adapting to an unknown surrounding, and assimilating into an unfamiliar culture. As my father managed to arrive at the apex of his life, a series of fortunate events rendered a plateau in which a family was formed and children raised.
In the early years of adolescence, my father persistently strove to achieve the fledging levels of literacy that his peers innately possessed. Although he constantly struggled with the perplex discourse and divergent articulation of the English language, in the face of adversity, he was able to excel brilliantly in arithmetic. By the time he was a sophomore in high school, he had accomplished all levels of mathematics offered in his school, from algebra to college-level calculus. As a youth imbued with innocence and capable of despondency, my father discovered motivation in feeling the wind gently whisking his skin as he experienced the puncture of the blue ribbon and the exuberant applause of the audience. In addition to his academic achievements, my father whole-heartedly participated in his school’s cross-country team, embellishing the study room with gleaming trophies of incessant perspiration and physical inspiration. To acquire enlightenment, my father regularly consulted with a constructive, developmental figure that impacted his life in ways that can never be recompensed. He was influenced by his chemistry teacher, Mr. Lee, who invariably encouraged his students to pursue their dreams, despite any possible economic disabilities and monetary struggles. Limited, however, by his impoverished circumstances and consistently hindered by his lack of success with the English language, my father was unfortunately confined to several colleges due to attempts at satisfying his financial restriction. As the brief journey from the juvenile halls of unpalatable lunches and social hierarchy concluded, my father pursed a commencement of higher education in the confines of the University of California, Irvine. Amazed at the sprawling diversity displayed on campus, he was urged to join clubs and fraternities. After departing from the clichéd “best four years of his life”, my father entered the stability of the workplace.
Fresh into the stream of occupational activities, my father initially managed a living at an insurance firm as a...

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