My Father And Prostate Cancer Essay

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I reminisce with all members of my family the day we received the news from our doctor that my father had prostate cancer. We got that news like thunder in our ears, because just one year before we had lost our sister to breast cancer, and we still remember how much pain and suffering the cancer had caused. As a result nobody in our family believed that we were going to lose our father either. My father suffered prostate cancer for nearly two years, because the cancer had already spread to his bones. Before my father had discovered the cancer, he suffered from pain in his back so as a result of this back pain, he visited the doctor and he started to take some medication to relieve the back pain. He also tried to use a crutch to support himself when walking, particularly when he was going to the Mosque. The pain in his back was still pretty severe and he was also having minor problems urinating and he needed to use the bathroom more than usual. We thought that was normal because my father also had diabetes and using the bathroom more frequently is a normal symptom, therefore he was not concerned or interested in this problem. One day my father had an accident and as a result had a fracture in his femur. Surgery was needed and after surgery, which was done by Dr. Fadil, a specialist in bone surgery at CNSS Hospital in Mohammedabad, Morocco. Numerous courses of physical therapy were needed. I visited the doctor for my fathers x-rays and was surprised to find a dark shadow around the bottom of the fracture, which turned out to be bone cancer. After doing a PSA test it was discovered that my father had Stage D prostate cancer. My father had surgery and chemotherapy treatments were started. A couple months later my father was suffering with back pain, as well as urinary pain and pain when using the bathroom. He was unable to walk again, so I had to carry him with the help of my brother or sister. At night my father could not sleep so I would spend all night beside him to feed him or to help him roll over. One of the most serious symptoms was losing his appetite and later this caused him to lose a lot of weight. We took him to Clinque Ghandi in Casablanca, Morocco and they suggested another emergency surgery. One month later my father died in our home in his room at the age of 77 years old. Prostate cancer is a serious disease that kills thousands of people a year. Having the PSA test done in the early stage is considered the best way to discover prostate cancer and it can easily prevent it. I have faith that more research will be done to discover the best treatments and eventually leading to a cure.
The definition of prostate cancer is pretty simple. The encyclopedic definition of prostate cancer defines prostate cancer as being, “a disease where cells of the prostate become abnormal and start to grow uncontrollably forming tumors.” (Lata, Michelle 1). Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in American...

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