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My Father Is A Fashionister Essay

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"Tony you have a great eye for detail" This is just one compliment from many that I have heard about my dad Tony. What does one expect from a tailor living in the fashion capital of Shanghai, China. Even though he is a tailor his unique fashion sense has not faded even at the age of 51. He could be spotted miles away for his chic attire even in the crowded streets of China.
When I was young, living in India my father took pleasure in molding me to have "only one of its kind" senses of fashion. For example, when I was to get ready for school my father always ironed my uniform, and prepped everything neat for school. Even though I had a wrinkle free uniform, just to drop me of to school on his motorcycle, he would also iron his jeans. Till now we have a habit of doing the same thing, who knew this trend would still be in the family.
Being young, I had no idea about what I should wear or not. All the clothes that I had would be recommended by my parents, including my father whom would like to color coordinate my clothes just so I can go outside and play with my friends. He always wanted me look like a proper young trend-setting girl in our little neighborhood.
Furthermore, I remember a weird incident that took place during a trip to Delhi with my father, which was not helpful when it came to his glossy clothing. As usual he sleeks his hair back coolly with gel, put on his shirt and studded jeans with bright blue shoes and we were all set to explore Delhi. Our first stop was to go inside to see the Taj Mahal. Usually when we have to enter the Taj Mahal there are three lines: a female line, a male line, and finally the "foreign tourists" line. We stood in the two lines, but ended up being held back for 30 minutes trying to prove to the security guards that we indeed were Indian citizens and not international tourists. All this drama took place due to my father's more dazzling style of fashion, even though we had the proper identification to get in to see the Taj Mahal. In the end, we were let through for my dad's direct answers and not out casted for his distinctive attire.
After the Taj Mahal incident, my father still remained self-assured about his clothing style. This proved that fact, when he sends me an advertisement video promoting his tailoring business. Smiling from cheek to cheek, he showcased his custom-made suits, wearing bright pink shoes and a matching tie bombarding the entire video.
Thus, gaining...

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