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My Favorite Big Mart Essay

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My Favorite Big-Mart While I was leaving work, my brain worked through the list that my wife gave me earlier that morning: milk, bread, two pounds of hamburger, a pack of white socks, and the second book about some wizard kid named "Henry," or maybe it was "Larry." The highway was sided by two shopping centers, Wal-Mart on the left and K-Mart on the right. Although K-Mart's parking lot was almost barren, I still weaved my way in and around the vehicles that crowded Wal-Mart's parking area. "Welcome to Wal-Mart!" A greeter said as she handed me the daily sales flyer. I gathered my items throughout the store, paid affordable prices for them at the checkout, and was on my way home in no time. At K-Mart, I may have risked finding the book I needed out of stock, and I would still have had to purchase the hamburger at the grocery next door. Affordable prices, customer service, convenient locations, and product availability are the reasons why I prefer Wal-Mart over K-Mart.Wal-Mart's prices are cheaper than K-Mart's prices on comparable products. Wal-Mart offers affordable prices on their merchandise. I have had many experiences where I would find my item at K-Mart and find it about five to ten percent cheaper at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart offers "price matching" to guarantee the lowest price. If I go to K-Mart and find a television that I like for sale and Wal-Mart has the same comparable model, Wal-Mart will match the sales price and sometimes subtract a few percent to motivate me to purchase. Wal-Mart will save you even more money by accepting all vendor and manufacturer coupons which are downloadable from their website. Both stores, like many establishments, offer a variety of payment options via check, debit, and credit cards. With this type of guarantee and savings, I cannot see myself shopping anywhere else but at Wal-Mart.Wal-Mart's customer service is much better than what I usually receive at K-Mart. Service starts at the front door as soon as I enter the store. I am greeted with a smile and sometimes the daily flyer describing the specials of the week. Each department is designated by visible signs and televisions are spaced throughout the store promoting recommended products or special information about Wal-Mart's services. I can always find someone to ask if I have questions about a product or service. During my last few visits to K-mart, I have had to search for an associate to help or have one called to the department. Wal-Mart associates seem knowledgeable in their areas. I remember asking an associate about a particular product that was in a separate department and was escorted personally by that associate to the area and shown the product. K-Mart experience has been the opposite. I would ask about a product and then pointed to a choice of areas...

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