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When The Grapes of Wrath movie first began we met Tommy Joad and he just got out of prison. That right there makes you wonder about this character especially when you find out that he killed a man then you really wonder about him. Then we met Ma she was one of my favorite characters she kind of reminded me of my own mother in a way specifically in the end of the movie where Tommy leaves them again. These two are my favorite characters in the movie and it is hard to choose between the two of them, but I think that Tommy wins because of his personality and characteristics. In the movie Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinbeck and produced by John Ford my favorite character is Tommy Joad because he is a kind hearted kid, he takes whatever life gives him, and he does what is best for other people.
John Steinbeck wrote the novel Grapes of Wrath and John Ford made a movie out of it my favorite character in the movie is Tommy because he is such a kind hearted guy. Even though he killed a guy he is still really compassionate I think that he learned that after he had to spend some time in jail thinking about it. He is really kind hearted to everyone around him he doesn’t mean to cause any trouble, trouble just follows him. At the beginning of the movie when Tom got out of jail he was trying to find his family and he couldn’t find them and he searched endlessly to find them. That shows me that he would go wherever in the world to find his family and never give up and that is so sweet. Tom wants what is best for everyone and he believes that someone should suffer because you are suffering he isn’t just looking out for his family he is looking out for everyone.
Grapes of Wrath was originally written by John Steinbeck and the movie was made by John Ford and Tommy Joad was my favorite character in the novel because he takes whatever life gives him and he doesn’t complain. When he got out of jail after four years, but he still had probation he didn’t fight with them he was just glad that he could be out of jail. I am sure that he didn’t want to be traveling through the west looking for a job that hardly paid at all. He stuck by his family...

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