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My Favorite Web Site. Essay

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My Favorite Web Site

There are tons of web sites on the internet today. I enjoy allot of the web sites that are out there. I like educational websites, game websites, chat rooms, among allot of others. But I think that I will say that my favorite web site I have come across so far is one called, "". This web site is about fish, Oscars in particular. This site has valuable information concerning other freshwater fish and aquariums also. You can also ask and post things on just about any fish or aquarium questions or comments on this site. People visit this site to find information and answers to questions they may have about Oscars or other fish. I find that this site is very appealing because it is easy to use and has a great deal of information. You should be able to find whatever it is you are looking for about fish on this site. I think that this web site keeps people coming back because the people that come onto the site and post in the forums are very helpful and willing to teach new people about the hobby of keeping fish in an aquarium. They have such information as the type of substrate you should use, to the kind of fish you should or should not keep together, and the water temperatures for the different kinds of fish, plus allot more.
I would like to give you some information on the Oscar fish, for those of you that do not know what it is. The Oscar fish's scientific name is Astornotus ocellatus. Astronotus means being marked with a star on it's back. Ocellatus means bearing an ocellatus mark, or "eye spot." Oscar fish are in the animal kingdom and are classed as a bony fish. Oscar fish are a large, relatively peaceful species of cichlid. They have a massive body, and makes a slow, majestic appearance but can be quite devastating to it's surroundings. The Oscar fish are in the Cichlid family. Cichlids differ in size, body shape, coloration, and breeding habits. They have no...

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