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My Favorite Statement Essay

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Because the unique traits that are found throughout the Gospel of Luke are mind-boggling, my favorite Gospel account is Luke. When you study the structure of how he wrote, you will find that he changes the way he writes to fit different circumstances. For example, like a physician would write, Luke gave the birth narrative in formal language. However, he then switched from that fine threaded Greek to more of an Old Testament style, Septuagint Greek . It is obvious that he was intentionally writing this way in order to take us, by his writing style, into the world of the Old Testament. Using descriptive imagery, Luke places you into the narrative making it seem as though he were telling you a story face to face.
Luke uses the birth narrative, not only as an introduction of Jesus, but as a spring board, setting the stage for the central idea of the entire book, which is that Jesus is the Savior for all people. This prepares your heart and opens your mind to what he has say about the arrival of the Savior and the fulfillment of the promises that God gave to Israel. Interestingly, Luke uses narrative hymns in the birth story,which resemble Old Testament psalms and show's Luke's involvement of Old Testament ideas. Luke provides the only account of Jesus' childhood. Failure to mention that fact that would leave the story incomplete. Therefore, Luke writes about Jesus' upbringing to add emphasis on the fulfillment of prophecy. He mentions how Jesus grew at an unusual speed in the terms of knowledge and wisdom. This is the fulfillment of prophecy mentioned in Isaiah that the Son of God would be filled with the Spirit and have a great amount of understanding, power, and knowledge.
Another difference that makes the Gospel of Luke unique is in the resurrection narratives. He writes of the Emmaus disciples, which is mentioned only in the Gospel of Luke. They represent his most theological contribution to the resurrection narratives. The main theme of the Emmaus disciple accounts was to show that God's salvation was accomplished not only through Jesus the prophet, but as Jesus the Messiah as well. He did this by showing the two Emmaus disciples Hebrew scriptures to prove that not only was He a prophet but also the Messiah. Even though he was crucified there is hope only through Him being crucified!

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