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My Favourite Place: Heaven Essay

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Can you imagine a place where the scent of musk envelops the land, where rivers flow into crystal clear sparkling brooks and streams, and where majestic palaces are built in diamonds and emeralds? This is heaven, my favourite place.
As I transcend from earth into the realm of heaven, my body is consumed by its beauty and splendour. A most fragrant scent of musk captivates my entire being. The sky glows in warm tones of gold and copper, and mirrors and absolutely stunning reflection. A brilliantly coloured rainbow of the brightest blues and reds and yellows form an arch across the sky with shimmering gold oozing out of pots at the ends. The backdrop to all of this is a luminous mountain made of glowing white sand that glitters in the distance. This is all too much to take in but I realise that this is just the begging.
As I take a step further, I stop and marvel at the grand trees that line heaven’s pathway. Each leaf is made of soft sensuous silk which gently flops in the cool, fresh breeze. Hanging from the trees are the most succulent and juice fruit that drip with sweet nectar. Their skins are untainted and unblemished and they hang like glistening chandeliers. There are clusters of tantalizing mangoes and pomegranates, and rosy red apples with the pinkest of pink peaches. Vines full of fleshy, blood red roses and golf ball sizes grapes are found in abundance. Perched on this fruit tree are exotic birds that have the most exuberantly coloured feathers. They sing in sweet,...

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