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My Fear Of Needles Explanatory Essay Boxdorfer Sunny Hills High School Explanatory Essay

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Taylor Scott
Ms. Boxdorfer
English 2
07 October 2017
My Fear of Needles
Growing up, I was always terrified of needles. With each unwanted dentist
visit, my deep fear of something unexpectedly going wrong increased. Recently, I
had to undergo a dental surgery, and it was one of the most frightening experiences
I have ever had. Upon reading our selection of gothic tales, I couldn’t help but
realize the connections between my own life and these scary stories. When faced
with a fear, one must go through a variety of transformations, which reveal
themselves in three major ways: igniting a physical change, altering your mental
state, and inducing an emotional release.
I avoided going to the dentist for years, but when I was told that doctors
would be using an IV to put me to sleep, it settled my nerves. Knowing that this
physical change would take place and I would not be awake for the poking and
prodding gave me peace of mind. In the story “House Taken Over” by Julio
Cortazar, Irene’s brother feels that there is some type of paranormal activity in his
house. In order to fight this, he enforced action. “We didn’t wait to look at one
another. I took Irene’s arm and forced her to run with me to the wrought-iron door,
not waiting to look back” (Cortazar, 41). This shows the power physical action can
have when experiencing something that involves fear. In this case, Irene and her
brother were able to block out their fear by transforming from a stationary position
to one that involved running and hiding. Though my physical experience was quite
the opposite, It still helped me face my fear. I was put to sleep in order to
transform, while Irene and her brother were put to a more intense test.
A physical reaction wasn’t the only thing that affected me during the
surgery, my mental state did too. As I mentioned previously, I was always afraid of
something unexpectedly going wrong. Even though I was reassured that I was in
good hands and would not even have to see the needles in my mouth, I still felt
anxious and overwhelmed. In the poem, “beware: do not read this poem” by
Ishmael Reed, the author is able to influence the reader’s state of mind. The poem
itself, feels dangerous. As I was reading, I felt like I was doing something...

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