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My Ferrari Essay

1403 words - 6 pages

It was half past seven in the morning and I had a busy day ahead of
me. I got into my Ferrari 360 spyder; put my bag on the passenger

I started the engine, put it into gear and made my way to the
airport, with the roaring sound of the Ferrari behind me.

I had to go pretty fast because I had to be at the airport before my
flight left. As I approached the entrance to the airport, I made my
way to the runway.

There was a barrier across it so that it would be blocked of for other
customers. He asked me why I was their. I showed him a pass which
granted me permission to enter the run way.

He kindly pushed a button in his small control box, which would lift
the barrier. As I passed through the barrier, I turned the corner of
the runway; there right before my eyes was my private jet.

Another steward approached me and said he would park my car for me, I
jumped out of my car, got my belongings and handed my car keys so he
could park it in a private car park.

I made my way on foot in the direction of my jet. As I came to the
stairs which would take me up to my jet there was a very beautiful air
stewardess. She greeted me with a smile; she helped me with my things
and guided me to my jet.

She showed me to my seat as it was only me on the jet I asked the
stewardess to put my things on the spare remaining seats, which would
be no use to me. I sat myself down, near the window. I gazed out to
it; it was a nice sunny bright day.

I buckled myself into the seat; an announcement was made to me. It was
the captain of the plane. He said it was a pleasure that I was on the
plane, ensured me that I would have a pleasant journey and that we
were about to take off.

As the plane came to a straight line direction, it had stopped its
vertical take off position. The air stewardess came with a trolley of
refreshments. I asked for a chicken and salad sandwich, bottle of
water and an ice cream bun with a cherry on top.

As I munched away on my snack, before I knew it the jet rocketed
through the sky, it soared over very quickly over the North Atlantic
Ocean. I was heading to USA (United States of America). I was
approaching New York City international airport.

The captain made a second announcement; he said that we would be
landing in the airport shortly. As I through my litter in the bin of
my jet and then made my way back to my seat. The jet made a sudden
jerk to the right, and it made me fall in my seat.

I had time for a quick look out of the window, and it look like to me
that we were about to land in the airport. I buckled myself the second
and last time. I was right we landed on the runway of the airport with
the wheels bumping off the runway to the air, which happened a couple
of times.

When the jet came to a steady motion and then eventually stopped it

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