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My Field Of Engineering Essay

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The profession of building surveying is my chosen field of engineering as my family has always been in the building industry and I have always wanted to follow this path. Building Surveyors work closely with Engineers, Architects and other professions in the building industry. They work closely with these professions to ensure that buildings and other constructions comply with the Building Hierarchy (Building Act, Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards, Ministerial Orders, Manufactures Specifications and Standards and Tolerances) from the design stages to completion. Building Surveyors work directly with building owners to guarantee their building is designed and constructed correctly. Most Building Surveyors are educated to practice across a number of disciplines, many are now specialising in a specific field such as; disability access, fire safety, energy efficiency and sustainable development among many others.

Building Surveyors have multiple responsibilities including ensuring that buildings are constructed in accordance with the Building Hierarchy so that they are safe for property owners, adjoining properties and the public, accessible and energy efficient and therefore have an play a key role in the design, planning and functionality of buildings. They interact with other professionals in the building industry such as Architects, Town Planners, Engineers and Builders to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to comply with Building Hierarchy. They are experts in building legislation, technical codes and construction standards; they identify and establish problems with design issues, construction techniques and materials, and undertake the inspection process from the design process through to completion. Building Surveyors carry out a wide variety of task which can include but are not limited to; issuing building permits, complete building inspections of new and existing buildings to establish the level of compliance with the Building Hierarchy. Building Surveyors can also act as a consultant. This will usually occur on large construction projects...

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