My First And Only True Love

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It was a beautiful crisp morning of February 4, 2002; I was standing outside having a cigarette and looking around the parking lot. I glanced over to see trucks passing by and that is when I noticed this fine Puerto Rican man walking. The man of my dreams was walking towards me with a big smile on his face.
He had short jet black hair with beautiful light brown eyes; he had a small nose but it was cute. His lips were full and ready to meet mine. His ears were the perfect size for me to nibble on them. He was wearing a long black leather coat that hid his figure. I couldn't tell much with the coat on, but what I did see was that he looked a little big in the shoulders. He was getting closer and closer to me when he finally was standing right in front of me. I got really nervous and I didn't think I could have talked to him because I was speechless because of his beauty. When he opened his mouth, the first word that came pouring out of that sexy mouth was "Hi." I was so nervous, I tried saying it back but nothing came out.
We both were gazing into each other's eyes, until it was time for us to go to work. I made sure I had to see what he looked like with the coat off. As I watched him through the window, I almost fainted. His body was built, his shoulders and arms and chest were covered in muscles and his legs were strong and sturdy. He had a small belly but I didn't care. When he turned around, I finally saw his nice, full, grabable butt. I walked over all innocent and grabbed his butt. He noticed me coming over but didn't expect me to grab his butt. When I had his butt in my hands, it felt like I was grabbing a pair of women's breasts. His butt was so soft but not too soft. He glanced at me with a smile. I still didn't know his name yet. This fine Puerto Rican man finally comes up to me and introduces himself, and his name was Xavier. He smiled at me, and I returned with a smile. I introduced myself and we shook hands but our hands were stuck together. We both didn't want to let go. His hands were strong but soft like a cotton pillow. He kept smiling at me and when he smiles, he brightens up the room. He had the most perfect smile and a full set of beautiful white teeth.
Every morning when I see him, he is always frowning until he lifts his head and sees me, he starts to smile and can't stop. All I keep hearing in my head is his name. Xavier would...

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