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My First Concert: Cobra Starship At The Troubadour

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On August 11, 2009, my cousin and I headed off to West Hollywood to the Troubadour, where we would see one of the best band, Cobra Starship perform. When we arrived at the Troubadour many hours early, the security guard told us we had to wait around the corner like the other fans waiting to get inside the doors. So when we walked around the corner, we saw a few fans camping out. We found a spot and we sat down. The wait felt like eternity and the heat of the sun beaming down on us wasn’t helping the situations either.
Finally, the security guard came and told us to form a line. We all got up enthusiastically and headed for the door. The guards scanned our tickets and let us go inside. We got to choose where we would stand! My cousin and I, the lucky ones got to be super close to the stage in the front! The lights dimmed and the crowed rumbled with screams. The first performer was a DJ. His name was DJ Skeet Skeet; he was amazing he got the crowed pumped! Then a band called The Friday Night Boys performed. They also were very entertaining. Then, The Audition came up that was the last band before Cobra Starship would come up. They were ecstatic.
The moment we were all waiting for had finally arrived. The crowed was screaming for Cobra Starship. My heart was beating so fast with excitement. They hit a spotlight to the right hand side of the building. Where First Alex, the bassist came out then it was Nate, the drummer, then Victoria the keytar, Ryland the Guitarist and finally Gabe Saporta the lead singer. Gabe Saporta started to talk about how he was just like us and how his dream came true. The crowed scream for their success and happiness for them. His smile was so breath taking! They started to play and the place just went bizarre! We all started to sing along and just dance like there was nothing else to live for.
One moment I will never forget is when Gabe Saporta looked directly into my camera and said I love you into it! He pointed at my camera and made a heart shape sign out of his hands. When he did my heart just melted! Every now and then he would look into my camera and make a cute face or pose! He was an amazing entertainer. Victoria the...

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