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The first date should be one of those events that you remember forever. It signifies the change in a girl's life. She is no longer just a little girl who stays at home and plays with her Barbie. Every girl has imagined what her first date would be like. The standard details of the fantasy first date include: flowers, candy, dinner and a handsome boyfriend. The first date is the night, when many young girls get their hopes up, and their dreams crushed. The date typically does not happen as it had been envisioned. Like many girls, I was a visionary who wanted to experience all that this night had become in my mind. I wanted the candy and the flowers. I had invested hours into planning the night in my head and predicting how it would turn out. I wanted the perfect vision, but I did not see any of it.

My first date did not include the fancy, candle-lit dinner or the man of my dreams, a bouquet of flowers in hand, picking me up from home. Nor did the date include an overly elaborate evening with dancing, exquisite chocolate desserts, or a horse-and-carriage ride home. Even though the date was not the enchanted fairy tale that I had imagined in my mind, it is still a night that I feel deep in my heart. On that night, I experienced for the first time, a roller coaster of emotions, from the moment we made eye contact, the heart of the date, to the ending of a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

On the day of the date, I was tense with fear that the meeting would go horribly wrong. The afternoon sky consisted of massive grey clouds filled with fog. It seemed as though it was going to pour down acidic rain any second. I was in my new outfit that consisted of a cobalt blue t-shirt with raised white stitch lettering spelling out "Fitch", a pair of dark navy colored boot-legged jeans that I had purchased from Charlotte Russe and my favorite pair of black leather boots. My hair was silky-smooth and wavy like those shampoo models on TV, and my face glistened a light tan colour from the Neutrogena concealer that I had used. I stood in the front entrance of the Sunvalley Mall, fiddling with my fingers waiting anxiously and nervously as a student waiting to see her elementary school diploma. I kept pacing back and forth, trying to hide my disappointment that he was 10 minutes late. All kinds of crazy assumptions went through my mind. I kept thinking that he stood me up or that he found another date, which caused me to worry myself even more.

A few minutes later, I spotted him as he walked towards me from across the parking lot. I was filling with anger when I noticed that he did not have flowers or candy in hand. At that moment, I wanted to run away screaming. I did not run away, instead just I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. Then just moments later, I realized that he was no just a couple of feet in front of me. I did not know what to say, he was staring right at me.

After I had snapped out of my daze, I decided...

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