My First Day At Classroom Essay

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Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 1/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page

Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 2/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page
In this chapter you will learn about:
§ Internal structure of processor
§ Memory structure
§ Determining the speed of a processor
§ Different types of processors available
§ Determining the capacity of a memory
§ Different types of memory available
§ Several other terms related to the processor and main memory of a computer system
Learning ObjectivesLearning Objectives

Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 3/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page
Main Memory (RAM)
Cache Memory
Decode r Program
control register
Instruction register
Memory buffer register
Input/Output register
General- purpose register
Memory address register
Accumulato r register
General- purpose register
General- purpose register
General-purpose register
Control Unit Arithmetic Logic Unit Central Processing Unit
I/ O
Basic Processor & Memory Architecture of a Computer System Basic Processor & Memory Architecture of a Computer System

Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 4/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page
§ The brain of a computer system
§ Performs all major calculations and comparisons
§ Activates and controls the operations of other units of a computer system
§ Two basic components are
§ Control Unit (CU)
§ Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
§ No other single component of a computer determines its overall performance as much as the CPU
Central Processing Unit (CPU)Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 5/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page
§ One of the two basic components of CPU
§ Acts as the central nervous system of a computer system
§ Selects and interprets program instructions, and coordinates execution
§ Has some special purpose registers and a decoder to perform these activities
Control Unit (CU)Control Unit (CU)

Computer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti SinhaComputer Fundamentals: Pradeep K. Sinha & Priti Sinha
Slide 6/27Chapter 7: Processor and MemoryRef Page
§ One of the two basic components of CPU.
§ Actual execution of instructions takes place in ALU
§ Has some special purpose registers
§ Has necessary circuitry to carry out all the arithmetic and logic operations included in the CPU instruction set
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

Computer Fundamentals:...

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