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My First Experience Concerning The Megaro Concert Hall Was Really Interesting.

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I. Information


15 MAY 1998



Performing group: 19 A' violins
16 B' violins
14 violas
12 cellos
9 contra basso
5 flutes
5 oboe
5 clarinets
5 bassoons
8 horns
5 trumpets
6 trombones
2 tubas
1 drum
4 strings
1 harp
1 piano

-B. A. MOZART: "Concert for piano and orchestra" n.17
-G. MAHLER : Symphony n.6

II. Composers


W. A. Mozart is often referred to as the most brilliant composer
ever known.Not only is his legend regarded more than two
centuries after his death, but was admired by his contemporary peers,like the eloquent Ludwig van Beethoven,who once summed it up concisely,saying, «Mozart is good and admirable».
The «good and admirable» Mozart was born in Salzburg,Austria, in January 27,1756.Mozart was fortunate to be born into the family of one of the town's foremost music teachers Leopold Mozart.Leopold's influence in his young son's musical development was enormous, as he encouraged the eager Wolfgang to improve his already astounding talents.
Consequently, this was the reason why he was already composing music by the age of five. In his short life, since he died at the age of 35,he composed over 600 works, including 21 stage and opera works, 15 Masses, over 50 symphonies, 25 piano concertos, 12 violin concertos, 27 concert arias, 17 piano sonatas, 26 string quartets......the list is endless.
On April 1784, Mozart composes the "Concert in sol major, KV 453" which is dedicated to Babet Pluage. She first plays it in June of the same year at Debling. It is a concert that covers a wide rage of emotions this is why it fascinates equally the audience and the researchers. However, Mozart gives alike great emphases both on the role of soloist and on the role of the orchestra. This concert reflects the changing opinion of the time while it portrays Mozart's internal pursuits. Furthermore, the concert is generally characterized by France influences, however his musical genius allowed him to be almost completely original.
Concluding, if there is one artist who represents the order and sedates the nature of Classical performance while embodying the turbulent emotional appeal of Romantic era, that artist is Mozart. And if one artist can be called the greatest musical genius ever to grace this earth, that artist is Mozart, the God of music


Born in bohemia, the sensitive and musically talented Mahler entered the Vienna Conservatory to study music at the age of fifteen. Encouraged to compose, Mahler's greatest successes in life nevertheless came as a conductor of symphonies and operas. In 1897, he became the director of the Vienna Opera, a post he held for ten years. During this period, he not only built up the quality and prestige of the Opera, but also found time to compose eight large symphonies and four collections of songs. In 1908, Mahler became the new director of...

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