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My first impression of the first English lesson
I have already studied English for many years. But why my English level is still so low? I have learnt many vocabularies, grammar. But I can’t get satisfactory grade in HKCEE. I am now a form six student and I am very nervous because I know that I need to learn Use of English. I think Use of English is a very difficult subject. It is very different from English language. But I still don’t know what is the meaning of “Use of English”. What will I learn from it?
Last Thursday, I had my first English lesson. I was walking down the stair towards the classroom. I was wondering what I would do in the lesson and who my English teacher would be. When I walked in the room, I saw my English teacher, Mrs. Leung. Then she stared the lesson quickly. She asked us some questions in fluent English. She asked what the difference between “Use of English” and “English language” was I only know that it is more difficult and the subject name is changed. And all my classmates also had the same impression.
Then my teacher explained the difference to us by using the power point. She told us that English language only let us know how to write grammatical English,...

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