My First Time Away From Home

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        When I was in sixth grade, my fellow sixth graders and I were allowed by the school to go camping for about a week in the mountain area. I was so excited when my parents said I could go as long as I was careful, of coarse. At the time I was in the sixth grade and I was living in San Diego, we were going to go camping in the Julian area. As a twelve-year-old child, nothing can describe how truly happy I was to be going away from home for a week, for the first time. So with the great news, I go and get my belongings packed and ready to go.

        Sunday Morning, the day before I leave for camp, my parents ask me if I have everything I need packed. So, I go to my room and check my bags for the thousandth time. I have all the different changes of clothes, toiletries, shoes, and every other thing my mom helped me pack. But most importantly, I didn't forget to bring my beloved Cookie Monster that I slept with, and still do. Now, with every thing packed, I can hardly contain myself from the excitement. I know I will eventually start to miss my family, pets, and my bed, but the one thing I was going to miss the most was my mother's cooking. She was/is the best cook I know. Now for the hard part, trying to fall asleep the night before I left.

        Now, after what felt like an eternity, I got out of bed. I didn't get much sleep, of coarse, but I was wide-awake nevertheless. After getting ready, I took all of my belongings and set them next to the door. After breakfast, it was off to go wait for the bus. After what seemed like an eternity, the bus finally arrived. I gave my mother, father, and little sister hugs and kisses and got on the bus and waved good-bye. Freedom at last was mine!

        After a couple of hours, we finally arrive at the camp. The camp leaders separated the girls and the boys, took us to our cabins. As we took our belongings with us, the leaders gave us an orientation in the main building. Afterwards, we had ourselves a little dinner and went off to bed. I was fortunate; I got the cabin with all the girls from my school. My friends and I were having the times of our lives; it was like a gigantic slumber party. Being that I got the last cabin and it was not filled with many girls, I managed to get a top bunk, and have the bottom bunk to store my

        For the next couple of days, the camp leaders had many fun things for us to do. For instance, on the second day, we spilt into groups and went on a hike up a huge hill with some rocks and trees. On the way to the...

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