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Food labs are great technique for experiencing and learning the right method for preparing healthy and clean food. For some people like me, who have no cooking experience it is very challenging, stressful, and enjoyable. I used to think that cooking is just adding variety of ingredients together, but it is more than that. Through the first two food labs I discovered that there are many things that people have to remember and watch for when cooking such as managing their time, planning a head, following proper knife handling techniques, following proper measuring techniques, following kitchen safety, and following the recipe. Also, through this food lab, I have faced some challenges, success, ...view middle of the document...

However, through this lab, I learned how to make a coffee cinnamon cake, how to grease oven pans, how to measure dry and liquid ingredients, and the proper way of using the electric mixer to mix ingredients together. Next time I will try to defeat my fear of disappointing my group, try to collaborate with my group more, and try to do new things.
Moreover, most of the ingredients that were used in the lab have an important function that performed in the finished product. For examples, the pastry flour that was used in the lab was a high starch and low protein flour. Since it was low in protein, the flour developed less gluten when worked, which resulted in a very tender, soft, and finely textured finished product (coffee cake). Sugar, both brown and white sugar, added flavor, added colour when it was caramelize due to the oven heat, and attracted liquids in batter, leaving less liquid available for gluten development which helped keeping the finished product tender. Egg added colour, flavor, nutrients, and added structure in which when the egg was beaten, proteins in the egg whites created protein network (like gluten). Fat, or butter, made the finished product tender by shortening the strands of gluten inside the pastry flour, increased the volume of the product, and improved the keeping quality and flavor of it. Salt enhanced other flavors by "waking up" taste buds. Baking powder, which was a type of leavening agent, released carbon dioxide gas to make the flour mixture rise and became light and porous. Sour cream, which was a liquid ingredient, moistened...

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