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My Friend Avery Essay

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I grew up with this girl. I knew everything about her like the back of my hand. There was always something wrong with her, but I always put that passed me and just forgot about it. In elementary school, she was in every one of my classes. During recess, we swung on the swings together and went down the slide together. We were the best of friends. Together me and Avery shared the same hobbies and disliked the same things. We loved listening to Rock-n-Roll, played softball, and got dirty. After school, we would play outside, and come home with bruises and scrapes on our hands and knees and dirt everywhere.

In the fourth grade, together we were trouble. when we didn't do our work, we had to stay in class and complete the assignments while all the other kids were outside on the playground. We always sat at the same table as each other. When lunch time came, we would throw our food at each other.

By fifth grade, she changed. Avery was gloomy, and she isolated herself from the world. When I would ask her "What is wrong?", she would tell me "I'm okay, just really tired." I was very concerned for her. This was not her at all. She was always happy, with a smile from ear to ear, colorful, and very energetic. At the time she was dark and clearly very unhappy. Around the end of the first semester, she changed again, back to her old self.

On March 26, 2009, still fifth grade year, she was dismissed from class unexpectedly from school. I remember it was in the middle of our Reading lesson, which we both hated, reading one of those boring stories out of the textbook. I was very jealous that she got to leave.

Days passed and she did not show up to school. Then cam spring break. I did not see or hear from her at all. This was unlike her. Spring break passed and school started back up. i was super excited to see her, I had so many questions for Avery. When I arrived to class, i sat down and stared at the door, waiting to see her face once...

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