My Friend Has Fangs Essay

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Once upon a time there was a Wolf. A big Wolf that lived in the woods by himself. He never had any friends come over because they thought he would eat them. But he didn’t have that intention, he just wanted a playmate to play with. So one day when the Wolf couldn’t take the silence of his house any more, he ran down into town.The townspeople saw him from afar and rang the emergency bell (ding dong).The townspeople went to their houses and locked the doors.The Governor of the town called the police force.The S.W.A.T came and blocked the Wolf’s path. Afterwards the Wolf got really angry and shouted “Let me through I need to get some friends to play with!!” The police chief laughed and said sarcastically “You don’t really think someone would be your friend do you?” That made the Wolf even more mad.

That’s when he decided to turned around and go to his Dad’s house. His dad is the biggest, meanest, and most dangerous Wolf that ever lived. He lived in a dark cave that only had one light which was from the moon coming through the entrance of the cave. Not only did the Wolf’s dad live there but his whole family which consist of 12 brothers, 5 sisters and his mother lived there. The 12 brothers were almost as big as their dad but not yet. Sometimes they didn't get along but they did agree on one thing, NO ONE MESSES WITH FAMILY.

Finally their little brother got there and told them what happen. All of them but the dad started to growl. His dad just sat back and waited for his kids to settle down. Once they did his dad stood up on his mighty legs and said “They won't let you in their town then lets see what they say about all of us.” Right when they were about to go to the town the Wolf’s mom came in. “Wait! if you all go down there, there is a chance they will shoot you.” She said warningly. Then the Wolf’s dad says, ”Ok, we wont go in their town, but they won't come through our woods any more. For every person that trespasses, they will be eaten.” All the wolves agreed with a loud howl.The next day the wolves decided who would guard around the town borders. The townspeople woke up the that day unaware that the wolves were skulking around them. Then the log man went out to get some more trees for burning wood, building houses, etc. As soon as all three men walked out the town, WOOSH, all three men gone in one instant. All the towns people heard was a short “help” but then nothing else.The townspeople began to get scared. Soon a police officer walked out to find the missing men, then shortly after the officer came running back to town yelling ”Help! Help! The wolves! The wolves ate them!” Then the police chief asked “Ate who?” “The log men, and they almost got me to,” the officer said in a scared tone. Once the governor got wind of what happen he summoned the police chief. When the police chief got to the governor's mansion he got a little nervous. The chief didn’t know why he got a bad vibe but he did. The governor's butler came and took the...

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