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My Future Essay

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Synthesis Essay

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question asked so many times, and is rarely answered accurately because I, like many, changed my mind several times over the year. I now know that I want to be a registered nurse. Typically we don’t see many male nurses walking about hospitals, but I’m not at all worried about my choice because I know that’s what I want. As I look at the growing demand for the job, its pay, and hours, I felt there were more to nursing then this so I decided to think critically about the idea of nurses, and wanted to know, what type of nursing position are out there? I begin the search with this very basic question.
As I Google the search “Nursing,” I came across a web site called, and the site had lists of careers in the nursing field. Clinical Nurse, Cardiac Care, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, and Oncology Nursing were the main pathways I found that seemed interesting. Out of all of them I decided to go with Nurse Anesthetist, which is a licensed nurse that administers anesthesia during surgery (Nursing Specialties). I found this source to be very helpful because is not only helped me narrow down my idea of nursing it let me to another question. One very important not only financially, but will affect the next five to six years of my life, and that is what kind of schooling is required to reach my goal as a Nurse Anesthetist?
This lead me to my next source,, and they told me on the site that I would need my four year bachelor’s degree as a RN, one year minimum of active RN licensed practice, followed by two years of a master’s program where I will learn proper anesthesia tactics. I am realizing and understanding that this goal is possible, on the site they mention that nursing in general is one of the top ten growing professions in the U.S. (Certified Nurse Anesthetists). I am able to see the...

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