My Future In Medicine As A Anesthesiologists

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On October 5, 2013 , I received outstanding news that left me speechless. I was notified by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists that I was chosen to represent my school and state at this wonderful event. I later realized that I was one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming an Anesthesiologist. This day led me to look at my future in medicine and realize why medicine was so significant to me.

At the age of 10 I knew for sure that I wanted a career in the medical field and others around me were sure that medicine was the field for me. I had a warm heart for everyone and was always the one to care for others feelings and pain. My desire to become an Anesthesiologist is more than a salary, it is my desire to touch the lives of citizens , both young and old. I plan to become the Anesthesiologist who everyone remembers as kind and welcoming to everyone’s problems. I plan to go to work and interact with my patients and get to know each patient personally. I want each of my patients to feel comfortable and able to ask me any questions about the medicine they are being prescribed. I want my patients to feel safe and have faith that I will do my job properly and that they will awaken after each surgery.

My future in medicine has also been encouraged by tragedies and deaths in my family. I had an uncle who suffered all his life with Cystic Fibrosis. Each year I watched my uncle suffer with this deadly disease. It broke my heart to see him in the hospital multiple times of the year and to know that he wasn’t getting any better. What made matters worse was the fact that Cystic Fibrosis patients have short life expectancies , barely expected to live until their 30s. My uncle remained strong with his illness and lived until he was 30 years old. During the time of my uncle’s death , my grandmother known as mom-mom , was becoming very ill with lung cancer. My mom-mom proved to be very strong and proved to me that you should never give up. Although she continued to...

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