My Future Is Now Essay

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My Future is Now


I feel the lush red carpet underneath my elegant heels and smile as cameras rush up to snap pictures of the slow procession.  I slowly walk into the large hall of my very first Hollywood premiere.  A colleague of mine sweeps over with a large grin on her face.


            "Bet you thought you'd never be at one of these!" she says excitedly.  I calmly smile back in return.  Having never had great opportunities just fall into my lap, I know I've worked long and hard to achieve my career goal.  Not only am I employed as a computer animator at a major company, I have designed the special effects for the hottest movie on the market.


            My pursuit to achieve my goals began a very long time ago.  Having grown up in a "computer intense" family, I never questioned involving computers with my future goals.  As any child, I ran through dreams quickly, but realized the necessity to involve computers with that goal.  My future started to develop in middle school when I became the producer of a daily news television show.  I was suddenly becoming very aware of my creative tendencies, using computers to help me do my work.  As my focus turned to the process behind creating television and movie programs, I realized the perfect combination-creating digital special effects.


            My future goal became even more possible when a new high school in my area boasted a technology magnet program created for students interested in technology-geared careers.  When I discovered that one of the sub-divisions was visual communications, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  Through...

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