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My Future Career As An X Ray Technician

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My whole childhood, my family has met at my great-grandparents for holidays. In my great-grandparents yard, they have huge trees that all of the grand kids get in trouble for climbing. Easter of 2003, my cousins and I were doing just what we had been told not to do numerous times and snuck into the biggest tree in the yard. Just as well all got up there and thought we had accomplished not getting caught in that tree, as one of us looks up, a snake is looking at us. Everyone jumped down as fast as they could, but I’ve always been very clumsy and not very athletic. Austin, Hannah, and Cheyenne were down the tree very quickly but I was struggling. About the time I went to jump, I fell out of the tree and caught myself with my arms. Screaming came out very quickly as I could feel my heartbeat in my arm. My parents, aunts, uncles, and grand-parents were outside quickly, and to the hospital I went. I was very uncomfortable but I thought the x-ray of my arm was the coolest thing. After that day, I decided x-ray technology was for me. On that day, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.Discovered in 1895 by a German scientist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was the use of imaging techniques and in 1901 he won the Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery. ( Imaging that does not involve radiation has grown rapidly since the 1980s and 1990s’. To begin with, he took an x-ray of his wife’s hand, where he could see her hand and her wedding ring on the image. Safety has become significant and great improvements have been made in computer technology. Computers can now hold much more data and much sooner. These improvements have made it possible to develop images to create transparency and sharpness. (Andrew Morkes page 406)X-rays passing through skin, muscle, and soft tissue, leaving the bones and denser objects to show up as a shade on the water-based photograph and film is then exposed to X-rays. They’re very closely associated to photography, but not accurately. The pictures are not exposed to ordinary light rays, but instead, exposed to X-rays with shorter wavelengths and energy levels. (William E. Hopke page 231) In order to construct a good X-ray technologist, one might find it important to know the overview, the work environment, the requirements, the salary, and the hazards of the job.
Radiologic Technologists maneuver equipment, creating pictures of the patient’s organs, bones, and body tissues. The purpose for X-rays, is to be able to medically locate the exact spot of the patient’s injury or disease. They’re also used to verifythe location of a broken bone or an ulcer. When a patient arrives for an imaging study, the technician will always take a concise medical history and give details on what to expect, while also answering any questions the patient may have. ( It’s an X-ray techs job to place the patient in the correct position between the x-ray source and film, but also make sure that the patient is...

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