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Law has been my interest ever since I was born. My first memories are of my parents unable to provide for me as a child. Despite their financial difficulties and that as a young child I knew little about law, my parents always told me that "…a lawyer would be a good job and will provide you bunches of money," as they tucked me into bed. Occasionally, I would dream of being a "big time" lawyer in New York City with a lot of money and a line all the way outside of people who wanted my help. I learned all of the Amendments, many of the Articles of Confederation, and tons of laws that were passed to be bills; I studied and analyzed. What would be the pros and con's of that specific law? How ...view middle of the document...

While in high school, I had a Government class where we got assigned a project to make up a bill and describe the process the bill must go through in order to become a law. Everyone in the class hated the assignment, but I took the project very seriously and put my heart into it. My goal in life wasn’t to be like everyone else, but distant myself from the “norm” so that, I could achieve my goal and be successful. I frequently remember my grandmother's words of encouragement. "Jay Jay, you're going to make it. I believe you are going to make something of yourself and become successful, but in order to do this, you must go to college," my grandmother stated to me many times. Even though, many have graduated from high school no one in my family has earned a four-year degree. It is my intent to leave a trail of success for the rest of my younger family members to follow, as well as please my grandmother's ambition.
From the beginning, I knew it would be extremely hard to accomplish, but with the belief I had in myself, and the belief my grandmother had in me, I knew I would accomplish this life-long goal.
As the human race, we...

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