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My Gatherfather´S History And Key Events In American History

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My grandfather turned 100 years old in 1875. On the night of his birthday he pulled me aside and told me about his life; and significant moments in history which he found worth telling. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1775, “on the eve of the American Revolution”. His father was from Britain and his mother was from Ireland. They both came to the colonies because they saw opportunities here. Their form of transportation was by boat. When they arrived they had no money and had to become indentured slaves. They ended up working together, his mother said it was love at first sight, and when his father had the chance to pick who his woman would be, when he finished his contract with the owner, he chose her. They moved to a cottage and had a large planation in which they grew corn. In the beginning it was tough; the corn wouldn’t grow because the soil wasn’t good. Things eventually got better and their corn was growing. They sold it to their friends and neighbors; and anyone else who would stop by to buy some corn. But when the revolution came around, people weren’t buying as much as before because for some homes, the women were left to care for the fields and business’s while the husband went off to the war, having difficulties of their own. A few of my grandfather’s parent’s neighbors were single men, and when they went to the war, there was no one to buy their corn; and things were going downhill. They had to sell their slaves because they couldn’t afford feeding them anymore, so they had no choice but to do the work on their own.
He doesn’t really remember his father because he joined the revolution when grandfather was just 4 years old. He wanted to know what the whole fighting was about, so he asked his mother why this was going on. But she gave him limited amount of information and said it was a fight between the Colonies and the British because the Colonies wanted to win their independence from the British. She then told him that that’s where his father was, fighting in the revolution with the Colonies. His father believed that the colonies were already in a way governing itself and were doing fine. He also believed that the reason Britain wanted the colonies to be under their power was so that Britain could make money off of the colonies by taxing them. Not too long before my grandfather was born, patriots “force[d] merchants to sign agreements prohibiting the importation of British goods”, if they refused they were probably tarred and feathered as punishment, (Hollitz 72). (This helped explain why he saw buckets of tar and bags of feathers here and there.) They did this because of the Townshend Act, which were taxes put on a few British goods that were imported. The colonies now had almost all the goods they needed and didn’t need to rely on the British anymore, further proving their independence.
A few months before he was born, people from the colonies saw their independence approaching and thought it was time to start “drafting a new...

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