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Gendered Hiearchy Of Society Essay

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I perform gender activity in my everyday life such as doing my make up, picking an outfit, and gossiping. The first gendered activity I do everyday is doing my make up. I think that putting on make up is a gendered task because men do not have to do this. No make up is acceptable for men to even put on. The only man I know that apply make up on is a flamboyant homosexual male, transsexuals, drag queen, etc. This shows that applying make up is a female gendered assigned activity. The second gendered activity I do everyday is picking out an outfit. Picking an outfit to wear is also a gendered task because it is said that women take a long time to pick an outfit to wear. I would take about five minutes to decide what I am wearing when going to school. When I am going out, I do take longer to choose an outfit such dresses, jeans, or skirts. This is a gendered task as well because men choice of clothing such as jeans and shirts is very limited and they do not have to put in much effort to look nice. Another stereotypical woman activity that I do take part in is gossiping. I love to hear scandalous stories of people I know and what people are doing with their lives. Since gossip may lead to drama between women, men do not want to take part.
Overall, social institutions affect my gender such as family, media, education, religion, marriage, and work. Family impacts my gender by showing the girl how she is supposes to be or act. It shows that men do not have to do housework while women have to do so. In addition to the housework, the wife must take care of the children. As a daughter, I learned from my family that it is my job to make sure the house is clean, food is cooked; the children are taken care of, and have a job to support myself and not have to depend on any man. Marriage shows how unequal women and men are in life. The divisions of household work are never evenly distributed. Even if a husband is being helpful with the house and the children, his division is probably about twenty five percent of the housework. Marriage ties back to family influence from the transition of becoming a daughter to a wife.
Education is also geared to males in our society. It is said that males dominate classes such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics classes. Even classes, that may not be as hard as a science class, would be still be male dominated such as History. History books are filled with men and their lives. I believe you can count the amount of women mentioned in a history book with your two hands. The only woman tackled class would be only women’s studies classes. This gender social institution has put so many girls off the ‘hard’ classes that contain mathematics. Personally, I excel in mathematics. My plan is to get a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have to complete these hard science classes. I do not give in to the hype that girls are not good at math and science because it is not true. Women and tend to believe that woman are bad at...

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