My Goal To Be A High School Educator And Principal

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It is important to recognize positive aspects in oneself in order to move in the right direction. As a high school learning disabilities educator I am able to present information in a way where students can understand it by presenting real life examples they can relate to. I am a proactive educator with the desire and capability to assist my students and school in achieving success. I am very technology savvy and believe that it is a pertinent strength that is needed in order to be an effective educator and administrator.
I am willing and able to learn new ways to present information in the classroom to benefit the students. My presentation skills are exceptional due to my background in business management. I show flexibility, compassion and passion for children and teaching on a daily basis. I am an extremely hard worker who combines professionalism with patience and classroom management skills to lead students in an organized and prepared classroom.
I am interested in incorporating additional activities that will help students focus on cross-curricular objectives while in my class. I would also love to work one on one with different teachers who will help me gain experience and knowledge. My concerns include learning to adapt cross-curricular lesson plan development while adapting instruction to specific student needs. I am also concerned with adapting to their behavior in the modern times, the management required to keep students focused on the task at hand feels impossible sometimes.
An administrator must believe that each individual in the school - staff or student - can achieve great things, and they expect no less. I possess strengths necessary to be an effective administrator I am a collaborator, who is focused on displaying a clear and inspiring vision of where school is headed. I have an immense love of kids and a concurrent ability to relate to them, while being patient. I enjoy teaching and am able to relate to teachers. I am able to listening actively and effectively my communication skills are top notch and I love learning and using technology skills to benefit those around me. I am interested in being a visible principal, one who stays out of the office and walks through classrooms and hallways everyday. Using teacher input to make the appropriate changes while working in a team to achieve school wide goals is my dream. I am concerned with understanding data and being able to achieve a school wide goal that will be liked and adhered by all. My age is also definitely a concern, because I am still young it is difficult for adults to follow my instruction or ideas. Delegating is also an area I must work on it will probably be difficult for me to share the power with my teachers. I am sure of one thing; it is my goal to be a fair, consistent, yet stern principal who will dedicate time and effort to assure student achievement.

II - What will be my area of focus?

My major goal is to focus on being an exemplary high school...

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