My Goal Of Becoming A Physical Therapist: Personal Narrtive

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Physical therapy plays a major role in the lives of many individuals every day. It is up to those in the Physical therapy profession to assist patients in rehabilitation, prevention, and care. Obtaining a Physical Therapy license requires relevant certifications and credentials. A Bachelor in Health Science is just the start of the educational requirements needed to succeed. As with any profession, there are some current issues in the field of Health Care that relate to Physical Therapy. This includes the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and individuals with disabilities. It is vital to be a respectful and professional Physical therapist. Patient care is priority. Having the proper education and knowledge to assist clients is extremely important. People of all ages require physical therapy for various injuries, illnesses, and diseases. I feel that my connection with working with people of all ages will benefit me when it comes to the job. While I know what my strengths are, I do have goals set for my future in Physical Therapy. These goals include: graduating Kaplan University with a Bachelors of Science in Health Science, graduating University of Massachusetts with a Doctorates of Physical Therapy, receiving licensure from the State of Massachusetts, and gaining employment in a sports or rehabilitation setting. I know that Kaplan University Career Services can assist me in obtaining my goals as a Physical Therapist because of their in-depth assistive programs that can assist me with my employment desires. In 5 years, I see myself working with athletes or wounded Veterans in a local rehabilitative setting or hospital. There is no other profession I would want more than becoming a professional, licensed, Physical Therapist and getting an education through the Kaplan University.
Physical Therapy is a demanding occupation that requires the ability to work directly with patients in hands-on setting. Though it is often found that Physical Therapists work in hospitals, many Physical Therapists have different work settings and occupational demands. In relation to Physical Therapy treatment, the Physical Therapist is often referred to by Doctors and Physicians for post-surgery rehabilitation or even in place of surgery to assist the client in returning to an active daily lifestyle. This could be a result that surgery may not be recommended. Initial meeting and consultation with the client typically includes an examination and the development of a plan of action. This developed plan will help to restore functional ability, decrease pain, improve movement, increase range of motion, and prevent disability. The Physical Therapist works alongside aides and assistants, which are under the direction of the Physical Therapist, with the client to ensure proper treatment and desired results. This typically outlines the duties of Physical Therapy treatment, but there are many different focuses and occupational settings for Physical Therapists.
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