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My Goals And Philosophy Of Education

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My Goals and Philosophy of Education

I have always leaned toward the profession of education. I feel that a career in education has much to offer, both personally and professionally. The idea of any other career has never been a question; as a child, and now as an adult, I have always known that my interest lay in teaching.

As a child, I would play pretend being a teacher. I had a room full of students who were given assignments and instruction. Also like many students, I had a positive experience with a 5th grade teacher that meant much to me. She treated all of her students equally and approached her job with energy, enthusiasm, and a positive disposition.

I believe that the overall importance of education is to provide students with knowledge that they would perhaps not obtain elsewhere while respecting each student’s individuality. A learning experience is a creative experience, both with knowledge provided by a teacher, books and other teaching aides, and also with the student’s own input.

Education has importance on two different levels. First, it has relevance to the individual. Learning can be fun, stimulating, and exciting to each person. What each person may find fun differs. In addition, education is seen as important to a healthy, responsible, and productive society.

I plan to graduate from Concord College ’s Teacher Education program in 2004 with a 5-12 Social Studies major. While employed as a teacher, I will seek a Masters degree. I do plan to join a teacher’s union and/or other organizations, but at this time, I do not know which one(s).

As a future teacher, I favor John Dewey’s philosophy of Progressivism and its emphasis on being receptive to change. I also agree with the Progressivist idea of learning through interplay and that our learning increases when we are engaged in activities that have meaning to us. As a teacher, I hope to plan lessons that arouse curiosity and push students to a higher level of learning.

As a teacher, I hope to instill solid problem solving skills in my students. I want them to be able to look at the world and all the information thrown at them; assimilate, evaluate, and process that information and, then, make good personal decisions with the results. I also hope to be involved in a career that will offer me professional challenges and rewards while making a positive difference in others lives. ...

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