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My Goals As A Teacher: Changing Student's Lives

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“To teach is to touch lives forever.” Erin Gruwell is an inspirational teacher that set an example of how a teacher should teach. She put her students first. So often teachers get so caught up in the standards and TEKS that the reason they became teachers in the first place is forgotten. The reason people go into teaching is because they have a passion for children and the reason teachers succeed is because they never forget that passion.
In an individual life according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the ultimate accomplishment is self-actualization. Self-actualization is maximizing ones potential. It is very difficult for a person to reach their full potential, but Erin Gruwell did. She reached beyond what was expected and decided she would succeed no matter what. Erin Gruwell refused failure, and in addition to living up to her potential, she also refused to allow her students to do any less than their potential.
Maria Reyes was a student and a freedom writer. The average high school student will sadly never have the passionate fire lit under them like Maria Reyes did. Erin Gruwell didn’t light the fire of inspiration in Reyes life, but she provide the match and a way to use it. Maria decided that she didn’t want to be another person who could have been. She chose to be a person who is.
As an aspiring special education teacher I really love to hear stories of accomplishment coming out of classrooms. Every student I deal with I want to touch their life in some way. As a teacher our goal should be for the student to succeed. If a student fails then as I teacher I have failed as well. For me to be a good teacher I must push my students to be the amazing people they are destined to be.
In “Teaching Hope” there are stories of so many different struggles, both for students and for teachers. Education is not an easy field. It is a constant challenge for both the teachers and the students. The educational battle will never end, but that as a future teacher I see that as a good thing. I hope there is never a time when we settle for good enough. Education is a process one we should always be striving to improve.
I can not wait to begin my career as a...

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